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Put our expertise to work for you. At J. Thomas and Associates, LLc./Coach2C.R.E.A.T.E, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community.
"A job well done... Top-rate"
"John Thomas has played a key role in the success of my professional life. John coached me and guided me on my way to making my first ever real estate investment. Through his wisdom, guidance, and practical knowledge I was able to purchase a 4-Unit apartment house in October 2010. Applying John's creativity to the deal that I uncovered, I literally bought the property with none of my own cash was able to own an income producing property worth $240,000." 

-- Matt H., Executive Producer at Brown & Brown
"Extraordinary...Best in class! "
John Thomas is an extraordinary coach who has the ability to really get at the areas of life and business where a transformation is possible and desired. John provides through his listening and coaching a kind of space through which I sort out for myself whats really essential. On our calls, he provides a structure that has me be accountable for what it is that I said that I would do. I recommend John as a coach to anyone who is up to something in life and business, or who wants to be, and who is committed to producing powerful results.

-- Robert F., Investment Manager & Personal/Financial Life Coach Robert F. Investment Manager & Personal/Financial Life Coach
"Voted the number one in the area"
I consulted with J. Thomas and Associates, LLc. when I needed to get results on goals around my career and finances. Not only did I get the results we created but I had an opportunity to really get what had been holding me back, such that those areas which were stuck disappeared and no longer were an issue. I now can create with freedom and ease anything as it relates to finances, career, etc. I would recommend J. Thomas and Associates again and again.

-- Priscilla L., Registered Professional Nurse, Health and Wellness Coach, Commissioned Officer United States Army Reserve
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"An excellent choice... Powerful!"
John makes a difference in the world and in many peoples' lives. From the moment I met him he was inspiring & motivating myself & others. Now that I work with him I experience his real gifts for affecting people & transformation in their lives. John helps me to CHOOSE & LIVE the LIFE I LOVE & LIVE POWERFULly!! John Thomas is an EXCELLENT CHOICE in a LIFE COACH!

--Stephanie C., Yoga Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Energy Teacher & Healer, Corporate Teacher, Seminars at Self Employed
"Many years ago, I hired John as my coach. In a breath-takingly short amount of time, he had me zero in on some uncomfortable truths and deal with them: Even though I was engaged to marry a woman I loved, I wasn't ready; and there were aspects of the relationship that were a complete mismatch for who I knew myself to be. With coaching from John, I did something I wasn't used to doing: Instead of sweeping my tremendous discomfort under the rug, I shared it with my fiancee and eventually broke off the engagement. It was the most painful correct decision I have ever made and without John's help I would not have mustered the courage to make it. "

-- Gideon C. PCC, Legacy & Leadership Coach, Gideon Culman Coaching
"Effective & Efficient...Proven Results!"